He credits this experience with enriching his photographic vision as well as cementing his passion for the rich hues of world culture.  Upon his return to Edmonton Doyle co-founded Vinok Worldance, serving as Artistic Director. With Vinok, he travelled to, and performed in, numerous destinations throughout North America.

Further journeys in Asia and Africa have allowed him to delve even deeper into new cultures and landscapes as he continues to explore photography and the world around him.

Doyle is irresistibly drawn towards the beauty of diversity. He embraces each experience and subject he encounters – be it culture, architecture, landscapes, family celebrations, people, or places.

He believes that photography is a timeless art that preserves emotions, memory, time, and tradition ~ the web of experiences that colour and animate each of us, and our world.

Doyle C. Marko


The tapestry of world culture, excitement of dance, and possibilities of photography are all life-long passions of Doyle C. Marko.  Each has contributed significantly to his professional artistic career, blossoming through his appetite for adventure.

Doyle discovered the fascinating intricacies of photography at an early age and enthusiastically explored its possibilities as he trained and studied for his career in dance. His path led to a four-year stay in  Europe, performing with professional ensembles, travelling and studying many cultures throughout the continent, including the then Eastern Bloc.